Updates: 22.10.21 Photo Gallery & Future Dates – 17.09.21 Snippets


17.09.21 – E10 Introduction

There is a one page summary of the situation here: Ethanol_FBHVC

A fuller artcle of 18 pages on their website: https://www.fbhvc.co.uk/fuels

11.03.20 – Impending E10 fuel introduction:


13.02.20 – Keanu Reeves interview containing Nortons:


13.02.20 – ITV’s comprehensive take on Norton’s mess aired last night on TV:


21.01.20 – 1942 Canadian Army – Motorcycle Training: https://youtu.be/Y5JnXN2nvAU

26.11.19 – AVON release AM26 RoadRider MK2 – see:


13.08.19 – Alan Clarke gave an interview at the NOC rally when we all gathered in the Market Square for bike judging:


Also a selection of the bikes there:


18.07.19 – Mike Tyler (Oregon Norton Enthusiast) has the first ever Manxman produced and is in the process of restoring it to original specification – you can follow his progress on his youtube site:


18.05.19 – Welford – Alan on his yellow 961 attended the annual Leics/Northants Branch open day at the Wharf Inn, Welford on 12.05.19 – there were 13 961 machines which is the same number as last year – Alan linked up with 3 other 961s in riding into Welford from Oundle and then departing from Welford to Uppingham – there is a video of this latter stage at


09.03.19 – Olivers Mount 2019 – racing for 2 weekends – see :


20.12.18 – 50 years of Commando article plus videos:-


The catering van from the Union Garage event – spot the reg plate


27.11.18 – New 650 Superlight at the NEC https://youtu.be/akgK9J2t87g

17.11.18 – New Nortons at the NEC Bike Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9HjdQPAOnI

13.11.18 – New Norton Atlas 650 video https://youtu.be/DYCnVGvmWVA

22.10.18 – John McGuiness guided tour of home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M3F7Z3feu0

03.10.18 – New fuel labelling doc Fuel Labelling

01.10.18 – Cover of March 1976 Bike magazine when NVT were starting to go down the pan 850mk3_mar76

01.10.18 – Norton factory visit with John McGuiness https://youtu.be/vs1PtICKotc

01.10.18 – 961s at the Ace Cafe yesterday