Oct 21st – Howden Quiz Night
Sep 5th 2021 – Blaxton
Jul 22nd 2021 – Howden

2018 Jul-Sep Photo Gallery

September 29th – Cadwell Park

VMCC BHR racing – plenty of Nortons taking part –

more pictures http://eastyorks.branches.nortonownersclub.org/cadwell-bhr-29-sept-2018

1930 CS1

SRS Norton (Stu Rogers) 350









750 Commando

SRS Norton 1937 500 with seized big end











September 27th – Donington Hall

Last BBQ night of the season – 6 x 961s + mk2 850 in attendance – not much activity on the V4 front but we did hear one screaming its head off as it was put through its paces on the dyno – one of the Belgian dealers was also over collecting a couple of bikes

July 4th – Sewerby Cafe

After meeting at Fimber teapot cafe, some of the Wednesday Wheelers rode to Sewerby










September 15th & 16th – Elvington Top Speed Weekend






World’s fastest toilet – it has a working flush – 70.5 mph  over 2-way run










World’s fastest shed – 100.67 mph over 2-way run











World’s fastest shopping trolley – Chinook jet engine – 91.55 mph max 1-way – 90.8 mph over 2-way run













1921 Sunbeam 500 3 spd gearbox – achieved 85.6 mph 1-way running on standard petrol







Every bike should carry an adjustable spanner – useful for adjusting tappets etc



August 16th

Branch Meeting



August 11th & 12th – George Brown Memorial Sprint, East Kirkby

Dick Craven aboard his Vincent 1000

Dick Craven’s Vincent 1000








Classic Supercharged Weslake 500

Featherbed framed Vincent







August 5th

Bikes ready for the off in Howden, destination Dick Craven’s motorcycle museum in Stockton on Forest, York