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Elvington 16 Oct 2018

Laverda Jota achived 133mph


Bicycle with bolt-on engine plus other quaint additions


Graham Sykes latest project called Force of Nature which is steam powered and

 is the culmination of almost six years’ work by the precision engineer

Mr Sykes holds five motorcycle land speed records on his V8-powered drag bike, which is named The Syko; his top speed was 181.39 mph.

These have already seen 600kgf of peak thrust over 6sec, which should allow the bike to reach over 200mph in a quarter mile.

In preparation for a test run, a 60kW bio-fuel burner will be attached to the bike to heat 50 litres of water in the pressure vessel to 250°C and a pressure of 40 bar via a flame-holder tube running through the centre.










1967 Skoda with 2.5l V8 air-cooled (Tatra?) engine